Ideas for a Pre-Wedding Shoot

Gearing up for the biggest day of your life is great fun, being the centre of attraction, constantly making plans, selecting wedding décor and bridal outfits and of course, taking many, many photographs to commemorate this special time of your life. In the midst of all the selfies and the iPhone photographs, it’s a good idea to pause and ask your wedding photographers to stop by for a pre-wedding photo shoot. Generally scheduled about a month before the big day, it is the perfect time to capture that crazy-in-love, butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling on film. It’s also a fun way of getting comfortable in front of the camera and getting to know your photographer.

We’ve put together some fun and creative ideas for your photo shoot –

Props all the way! – Quirky props are a sure-fire way to add some hilarity to your wedding. Laugh about the lighter side of your relationship by holding up witty chalk-board signs, paper cuts outs and balloons! If you’re both movie fans, you can choose to imitate your favourite scene – a classy James Bond flick or a fun-filled scene from DDLJ!

Oversized glasses and party hats are another way to go. Choose props that go with your outfit and the important thing to remember is to be comfortable in whatever you choose. Enquire with your photographer what props he or she has and either go with that or go shopping for your own!

Your story – Every love story is different, so there is no better way to stand apart from the rest other than to be true to yourself. Choose the spot for your shoot to be the place you met, whether it was at the town square or it was by your favourite lake. Re-create those special moments when you said yes, or when you realised you had found ‘the One.’  Pre-wedding photography is the perfect opportunity to capture those possibly un-filmed moments of your courtship so you can keep your memories safe.

The Magic of the Night – The golden late-afternoon light makes for some beautiful pictures but remember that the night holds its own charm. Colourful lights that come alive after sunset make the perfect background for some of the best pictures. Reflect the glamour of the city or take to the hills and use the magic of a beautiful moon for your photo-shoot. Steal a kiss under the magic of a starry sky or use lamp-light to create a silhouette.

Let your hair down at your pre-wedding shoot and your wedding photographers are sure to capture the essence of your relationship.  A great way to build rapport with your photographer, this is the perfect preparation you could both have to get ready for the camera for the main event.