Tips for designing your New Home

Times Are Changing

When you’re looking for the perfect way to design a new home, having a creative approach can be difficult to ascertain. This is especially true when working in modern times when most homes all look the same without an ounce of creativity. Nobody wants a home that looks like everyone else’s so here are some tips for getting the look you want in your home for less.

First you should open up your parameters for what you want in your home. You should get creative and go outside the box in color schemes and design elements. If you’re desperate for inspiration, check online blogs and popular social media sites for inspiration. Even if you don’t like the overall designs you can pick specific elements that you like and it can help you get a stronger idea of what you want.

Next is travel

Traveling helps us find creative ways to understand even the most basic features of our modern lives and design elements. When you travel you can concentrate on how other people decorate and how what their decor says about them. Getting out of the states and other first world countries can really make a difference. Things in our modern society all kind of look the same since everyone buys what they need at the same stores for the most part. This causes pretty much the same look in most modern houses.

If you can’t find inspiration in other people’s houses when you travel, consider using the landscape and the way people dress as inspiration. Take photos on your journey and really analyze why you like certain combinations and think of how those could be applied to your space. This can make an incredible difference in how your approach design and can actually make your design far more personal, since you are taking things from your own experience. Even the shapes of things can really influence if your design. The only thing you have to really concentrate on when applying abstract concepts to your design is the application of the design. Though it may seem simple at first, turning a landscape and what you really like about it can be hard to actually realize with real materials so it really is a lesson in creativity. If you’re looking for unique furniture that you’d like for your home, try out Design Within Reach.